Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get your FIX

Just in case you haven't heard of this pretty cool service yet, I thought I would write about the company called STITCH FIX. It is an on line personal shopping site that you can schedule as needed, or receive automatically on monthly basis. The service is truly customized to each individual. You fill out a comprehensive survey on your styling choices and the budget you'd like to stay within. They even follow your Pinterest page to learn your style through your favorite pins.  I recently got my FIX, and here is what came in my shipment.

I had been obsessing about the long black maxi skirt and a summer scarf on Pinterest as of late, and sure enough, both of these things were in my shipment. Five pieces of clothing or accessories are in each box. There is a $20 styling fee, but that $20 is credited towards anything you might purchase in your box. So if you keep even one thing, the styling is free! You also get a "buy all" discount if you decide to keep all 5 items. I am keeping all 5 items in this shipment, so I saved an additional $66. If you chose to send something back, a prepaid envelope comes in the box for you to return the items.

Not gonna lie, I love the idea that there is someone out there in cyber world watching out for the perfect items to send me to spruce up my wardrobe. It makes me feel a little bit rich and famous, of which I am neither. The service is great for any style or age group you might fall in. My little sister and my mom both use this service as well. Here was my sister's recent FIX.

Perfect choices for her. My mom also recently got a maxi dress that I think looks amazing on her.

This is something she probably would have never picked out, but it looks great on her, and is perfect for summer.

Ready for your FIX?  Copy and paste the following link in your browser to get started:

It's a time saving, inexpensive and indulgent service that you will look forward to time and time again. 

Just thought I might mention that I am not getting anything from Stitch Fix for writing this. It's just something I've really been enjoying and I wanted to share with you.

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