Friday, July 13, 2012

The Color Quiz and Self Discovery

One of my favorite things to do is take those little quizzes online, or in the back of a magazine that are suppose to tell me more about myself. I am on a perpetual quest for self discovery. I like to learn anything about myself, ranging from my fashion sense to my best suited career choice. I am always trying to find my true passion, or calling.

Recently I took a very quick online quiz called The Color Quiz. By choosing colors that you find most pleasing, this quiz offers to tell you the following:

Your Existing Situation 

Your Stress Sources 

Your Restrained Characteristics 

Your Desired Objective

Your Actual Problem

I know that most of these quizzes are just for entertainment, but some of my results rang so true, I felt I needed to share some of it with you.

According to this quiz... 

My Existing Situation is that I have a deep desire to be respected by others in order to gain their trust and support for my own personal gain. Ouch, this sounds a little selfish. But then again, I can be a little selfish.

Here are some of my Restrained Characteristics:

I am demanding and picky in my relationships, but careful not to bring out conflict or disagreements and this may decrease my chances of achieving my goals and ideas. I know that sometimes my strong aversion to conflict has effected my life choices. 

I am emotionally demanding and will involve myself in close relationships but won't get too involved or give too much of myself. I've been accused many times by my friends that although I am a good listener, I keep a wall or barrier up, and don't let people get to close.

I am being forced to put happiness and pleasure on hold, due to my limiting circumstances. I have been feeling in limbo for a while now due to outside circumstances. *See how I was very vague there and didn't reveal too much of myself?  Hmmm...

Here's where I got confused. The results page listed My Actual Problem is that I am impressed by unique and one of akind things, and by people with exceptional personalities. I try to take the characteristics I like in other people and apply it to myself as well as come across as a unique individual. Where is the problem there? I'm a copy cat? 

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out exactly who I am, and what I want from life.  Or maybe life is supposed to be about that quest, and I should just enjoy the journey.

Do you love self discovery?  Want to take the quiz and see if some of your results ring true as well? Below is the link. If you decide to take it, share with me in a comment box. I'd love to hear from you.




  1. this is soooooooooo wrong!! i'm not sharing my results. :) thanx for making my day trish hahaha

    1. Aww... I'm sorry. Of course, if it's upsetting you so much, is it possible that some of it is too true? Maybe not. Either way, it's for fun, and certainly should not ruin your day. It's Friday after all! Yeah!

  2. Trish, Well, I attempted to take the quiz, but I gues I'm officially undecisive. It took me forever to even click on a color. Hmmm...I sorta like them all at different moments. Anyway, I'm hopeless at quizzes, but what a fun post..
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  3. This is so cool! I love personality tests, they always come back so true!