Monday, April 16, 2012

Bunco "Tax Day" Party

Yesterday was April 15th... the dreaded tax day.  It also happened to be my turn to host our monthly Bunco group.  I decided to use tax day as a theme for the evening.  Bunco is a mindless dice game that 12 of us ladies play each month at one of our homes.  Although there are prizes to be won, it is really just an excuse to get together and have a few drinks along with a few laughs. 

The gorgeous ladies of Bunco!

When each lady walked into the door (we actually had 2 men subs last night as well), they were taxed their normal $10 to play the game.  In return they received a small satchel of coins as a tax refund.  They used these coins to pay tax on various items and services throughout the night.  There was a tax on their dinner plate, each drink they ordered, every time they needed to use the restroom and every time they scored a Bunco.  At the end of the night, the person with the most money left, and the person with the least amount of money left won prizes.  Pevonia skin care products for each of them.

Uncle Sam 

Uncle Sam serving drinks, and taxing guests

Mingling before dinner

Since I was "broke" from paying my taxes, I served a very frugal dinner.  We had fried bologna and onion sandwiches, mac and cheese, and salad.  Most of the girls had never tried the fried bologna before.

Tracy's not too sure, but being very brave and trying fried bologna

Cake pops for dessert

"The Bank Statement" was the drink of the night

Next it was time to get down to some serious game playing.  Actually, there's nothing serious about it.  Just a lot of fun. :)

Look who scored a "Bunco" and was a good sport to wear the Bunco crown!

Such a great night, with such a great group of girls (and 2 wonderful guys).  Big props to my hubby aka Uncle Sam, who was the life of the party.  It's no wonder why I love that man so much.


  1. It was such a fun Bunco - you and Mike are so darn cute! Thank you for everything!

  2. very cute theme!!! Love the matching drink recipe and "paying" for drinks!