Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Ten Chick Flicks For Guys

I absolutely love everything about going to the movies.  From the minute I walk through those doors, when I am flooded with the aroma of warm popcorn, to the time I step outside chatting it up with all the other happy movie going patrons. I could easily go to the movies every week.

My husband and I love to see movies together, but there are certain movies (that I adore) that he tends to boycott.  These are usually known as Chick Flicks, and I can't get enough of them.  Thankfully I joined a group called Cinema Chicks.  We hit a different movie each month, which saves me from having to beg my hubby to take me to these types of movies.

This got me to thinking about finding a list of Chick Flick movies, that men will actually enjoy.  I did a little searching on line, and found this top 10 list from www.craveonline.com.  I can actually think of quite a few more, but this list is worth taking a look.


10. Coyote Ugly

9. Tangled

8. Some Kind of Wonderful

7. The Craft

6. 10 Things I Hate About You

5. The Quiet Man

4. Roxanne

3. Heathers

2. Romancing The Stone

1. Casablanca

If you have one or two of your own that you think we could add to this list, please leave the title(s) in a comment. I am going to check out Reese Witherspoon's movie "This Means War" right now.  It looks like a chick flick, but there seems to be a little action with things blowing up, and guys fighting as well.  It just might be a good one to add to our list.

Happy movie viewing!


  1. love actually, must love dogs, and two weeks notice! :)

  2. Great list! Ooh, let me know how you like This Means War.

  3. very good list! I think Crazy Stupid Love as well as He's Just Not That Into You

  4. Love the ones you guys have added! Thanks!

  5. Saw This Means War with my dad. It didn't get great reviews but we both liked it. What did you think? You can't go wrong with Reese Witherspoon!