Friday, September 15, 2017

Posh Shopping

Tired of your closet of clothes, but short on extra cash for shopping? Me too! Sometimes I'll buy clothes I think I love, but after one or two wearings, I find they are not suited for my body type or my style preference. If you find this to be true for you as well, I have a brilliant solution for you. 

Recently a friend has turned me on to the wonderful site of On this site you can sell your items that are in good condition, and purchase other second hand designer items for yourself. It's very simple to navigate the site after you download the app.

Snap a photo of the item you would like to sell. Be honest in the description, and try to take flattering photos. You can find a mannequin like in the one in the photo above on for around $30. It really helps to show off your fashion.

Next you can either input the price you want for the item and/or have someone make you an offer. Poshmark has a flat rate for shipping, and after inputting your price, they will let you know what your profit will be after the cost of shipping.

After you've agreed on a price with another Posh shopper, Poshmark with e-amil you a shipping label. Send it to that shopper in a timely matter.

With the profits you make, you can have fun shopping for yourself. You can pick up designer fashions at a fraction of the cost. It's so easy and fun.

If you decide to partake, follow me at 

Happy guilt free shopping!

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