Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Empty Nesters

Last weekend my husband and I took our daughter to move into her apartment, to begin her junior year in college. Where has the time gone? She can't possibly be a junior. She's my little girl. 

Now this weekend, we moved our son (the baby) into his dorm room at college. He is about to start his Freshman year. We shopped for everything he could possibly need, and hauled it all up to the sixth floor.

When we got up there, we were surprised to find out that Nick had his own bedroom in a suite of four other guys. We weren't expecting that. He was pretty excited!

Nick deserves such luck. He is a great kid. He works hard, and he always seems to do the right thing. Still, I was nervous leaving him there. He will always be  my baby.

It makes me feel better that he is only thirty minutes from home, and that the campus is so nice.
I don't remember dormitories being this nice when I was in college??

Now that we're back home, we are trying to settle into a new routine. It is eerily quiet around the house. I miss the chatter of kids, cooking for them, and just having them around. I am on the hunt for a new job. A new life. It's a little scary, because I really liked my old job. I really liked my old life. It's strange for my husband too, but he was always at work five days a week. It's not as much of a dramatic change for him, as it is for me.

Still, it will be nice to focus on being a couple again. Not that we ever stopped, but the dynamics are different when you add kids to the mix. He is definitely still the person I want to be with the most. I feel lucky and Blessed for that.

So here we are... empty nesters. I can hardly believe it. It is certainly bittersweet. I'll try to focus on the sweet!


  1. I love that cartoon! So perfect. Except that is probably going to be me holding onto the tree in both instances. I'm excited to see what your new life has in store for you, my friend.

  2. You moved to Florida?! Wow, I need to catch up with your blog. I hope you're adjusting. You know we're in Huntington Beach now, moved a year ago this month and time has flown by. But it's been a good way to shake up our lives, get out of our comfort zone and add some excitement. Are you feeling the same? I hope all is well.