Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Judge a Bunny by It's Box

Milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? Hollow, or solid? Boxed or unboxed? So many considerations when trying to decide on the most perfect chocolate bunny for your Easter basket.

Last week I read a yahoo shopping article that wrote of the results of a blind taste test held to rate some of the top selling chocolate bunnies on the market. They tested eight different bunnies that ranged in price from $3.29 to $23.50. While Godiva did place third in the taste test (the most expensive bunny), the Lindt and Hershey bunnies, which are far less expensive, came in first and second respectively.

Here at the Rajewski house, we wanted to hold our own blind taste test. Seeing as I would never be willing to spend $23.50 on a chocolate bunny for an Easter basket, we decided to test three of the top placers, that were reasonably priced. After all agreeing that an Easter bunny was meant to be milk chocolate, we went with the Dove milk chocolate bunny, the Lindt milk chocolate bunny and the Hershey's Bliss milk chocolate bunny.

Before we did our blind taste test, we all came to the conclusion that esthetically, the Hershey's bunny looked the best. The Hershey's packaging was adorable. The box makes the bunny appear chunky in size, and it would look perfect nestled in a child's Easter basket. 

While the Lindt bunny is also attractive, it appears much smaller in size, and looks like more of an adult version of the Easter bunny. Very sophisticated.

The Dove bunny was our least favorite. It looks more like a cat than a bunny, and it is a yellowish mustard color, instead of a metallic gold like the other two.

Of the three bunnies, the Dove was the only solid bunny, and was a bit larger than the others at 4.5 ounces of chocolate. The Hershey's weighed in at 4 ounces, and the Lindt was 3.5 ounces of chocolate.
All three were comparable in calories/fat, as well as price per ounce. 

Moving on to the blind taste test. We had a unanimous first place winner! The results were a huge surprise to all of us. Without looking, or knowing which chocolate we were biting, we all chose the Dove milk chocolate bunny as the best tasting chocolate between the three.

Huh. Don't judge a book by it's cover, or in the case, don't judge a bunny by it's box.

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