Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I see so many people making a bucket lists for their upcoming decade, or even for their lifetime. I wanted to do this, but for some reason, it's way to overwhelming for me to come up with everything I want to do over such a long period of time. I settled on making a bucket list for this summer.

1. Attend more concerts in the park with my hubby. These are great concerts, and make for a fun and cheap date. We have friends that go as well, and it's always nice to spend time with them.

2. Learn how to make sock monkey's. Don't laugh, I've been wanting to learn this for a long time. My grandmother used to make them, and I want to carry on the tradition. I need to hurry up because my nieces and nephews are getting older, and I want to give them each one from Aunt TT.

3. Teach my teenaged son how to cook one meal. I think it's important for kids to know how to cook for themselves. Summer is the perfect time to start teaching him.

4. Play tennis with my daughter. We've both been wanting to do this, but we keep putting it off. It will be a great way to exercise without having to hit the gym.

5. Spend a long weekend with my cousin Kristen. She is coming to Sacramento the end of July. I want to find a quick/fun/cheap trip we can take, and have a little girl time.

Now this is a nice, easy bucket list that I think I can actually tackle. Summer is already halfway over, so I'd better get busy!  Leave me a comment and let me know your Summer Bucket List.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My friend Tracy @ Then I Got to Thinking asked fellow bloggers to post on what they are thankful for this Thursday. 

I know, she's ridiculously cute, isn't she?  
And just to really piss me off, she's just as sweet as she is cute.  (;

I'm happy to admit that I had trouble coming up with only one thing to be grateful for this Thursday. There are so many Blessings in my life. For today though, I am especially grateful for my handsome son, who will turn 16 years old tomorrow.  

I had a difficult birth with my son, that ended with an emergency C section. I had some dangerous blood clots, and it was a really scary and painful time. Because of this, I didn't bond in the hospital with him, the way I did with my daughter. I was so afraid that I wouldn't love him the way I loved my first. Turns out, that was a needless worry, because my son showed me how to take my love to an even deeper level.

As a baby, he already had an amazing sense of humor. To this day he keeps me laughing on a regular basis. He's witty and smart, yet not too cool to be silly and goofy.

He has always tried hard in school, and tried hard to please me and his dad. He has a vivid imagination, and he is very independent. As a child, he could play for hours on his own. 

My favorite thing about my son though, is that he is genuinely kind. In fact, I have never met a kinder person. It would crush him if he thought he hurt someone's feelings. He's the kid that wants to make sure everything is fair, and everyone's included.  I love this about him.

Even though he's now 16, and he towers over his mom... he'll always be my little boy.

Happy Birthday, son!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Northern California Blogger Meetup

What a wonderful turn out we had at the Northern California Blogger Meetup.  I met some really interesting people, and I'm so happy to have connected with them.

We had a lovely lunch at Sienna in El Dorado Hills.  Although we had plenty to choose from, everyone chose the pizza and salad combo.  Already I could tell we all had something in common.  (:

This salad was amazing!

Ashley enjoying the pizza while snapping some photos.  Now THAT, is a camera.

Our table got longer, and longer as more amazing women came to connect with other local bloggers.

Tracy, our hostess with the mostest, set up this fabulous candy bar so that we could fill up our mason jars and have a keepsake from the event.

Fellow blogger Jessica brought each lady a silk sleep mask to help us dream up more posts for our blogs.

While I had a wonderful time at the Meet and Greet, I think I have had just as much fun at home in front of my computer devouring these new and fabulous blogs I now have the pleasure of following.  If you write a blog, take advantage of any chance you get to connect with other bloggers in your area.  I have already learned so much from them, and can't wait to get to know many of them even more.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sacramento Blogger Meet and Greet

So very excited to be attending this event this weekend.  If you're a local blogger, please join us.  Watch for my post next week with details on this fun Meet and Greet!