Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Favorite Day

Many of the ladies are rocking the long, wavy hair styles that are so popular right now. There was a day when it was sad and a little pathetic to see a woman trying to pull this style off at our age. Not today. The women who opted for shorter styles were not looking out dated either.They were getting beautifully sculpted hairstyles with fun color options that keep them looking fresh. All of these women looked strong, beautiful and confident. I felt empowered being surrounded by them.

Of course beauty comes from within, and no hairstyle or color can make the woman. Still, a fresh mane always puts a little bounce in my step. Isn't it just about time for your favorite day?


  1. I love my hair days - it takes forever for mine, but I always feel so much better after it's done :)

    1. And you have one of the cutest styles I've ever seen!

  2. There is nothing better than hair day. I usually try to do it on a Friday or Saturday and combine it with a date night.

  3. Hair day rocks!! Two of my favorite sayings are..."Nothin' better than a fresh new coat of paint!" and "Some people were born blonde...some people were born to BE blonde!!" I actually stole both of those lines from my BFF, Kelly Ripa, but what the heck, they are true!!! :) Here's to hair day and our amazing stylists who help us look our best!!